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Our recreational classes are specifically designed for future athletes to learn the foundational skills, movements, and techniques required for each of our respective programs.  Having fun, learning new skills, and celebrating each and every accomplishment with our athletes is the core of our recreational classes.

Recreational classes are available year-round with no predefined start dates. Each class is scheduled for specific day(s) of the week.

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Girls Recreational Gymnastics

Ages 5 - 15

Our Girls Recreational class is a one hour class meant to develop the strength, agility, flexibility, poise, and grace that are necessary for female gymnastics. Our classes progress gymnasts through four different skill levels.

Gymnast Performing

Boys Recreational Gymnastics

Ages 5 - 15

Our Boys Recreational class is a one hour class meant to develop the strength, agility, and  flexibility that are necessary for men's gymnastics. 

Girl Jumping

Prince and Princess

Ages 3 - 4

This class is designed for preschool-age children with 45 minutes of basic fundamental gymnastics skills such as rolling, swinging, jumping, and balancing. Each week children are presented with new challenges, obstacles, and skills that are meant to facilitate physical and mental development.


Realm Knights

Ages 5 - 15

Realm Knights is an open structure class that combines gymnastics, tumbling, obstacle course training, and athletics. All of these skills are combined together in this one hour class meant to challenge your future American Ninja Warrior.

Child in Air Yoga

Special Needs

Ages 5 - 15

Our Special Accommodation Gymnastics class is specifically tailored for persons of any age that require special attention. We offer classes and prices to work with parents' busy schedules and budgets. The basic gymnastics equipment and other fun activities are used to teach students their skills in a one-hour semi-private lesson.

Happy Jumps

Our Realm Tots class is a great way for parents to explore the basics of what it means to be a gymnast. Parents stay with their child and work with our fantastic instructors learning the fundamental skills of gymnastics. We have fun with Mom's, Dad's, Grandma's, Grandpa's and everyone in between.

Realm Tots

Ages 1 - 3

Kids in Preschool

Gym & Learn

Ages 3 - 4

The Gym & Learn program combines all the traditional elements of a preschool such as letter and number recognition, songs, sensory exploration, counting and more, with 45 minutes of physical activity and gym time. Classes are available in the Fall, Winter, and Spring seasons.

Martial Arts Class

Martial Arts

Ages 5 -15

Martial Arts is more than fighting! We hope to never be in a fight, but the skills we learn in class -- rolling, falling, balance, mind/body coordination, and more! -- do come into play every day. We do learn how to strike, kick, block, and get away so we're prepared if we do find ourselves in dangerous situations. The number one rule of martial arts is: "Get home safe!"


Tumbling Jesters

Ages 5 - 15

Tumbling Jesters is the perfect class to learn basic tumbling skills such as rolls, handstands, cartwheels, roundoffs, walkovers, back handsprings, and more. Tumbling activities are all performed on the floor, trampoline, and vaulting. No beams or bars will be used in this class.

Cheer Practice

Recreational Cheer

Ages 3 - 15

Our recreational cheer classes cover the basics of cheerleading in a fun and accepting atmosphere. From preschool to teen, we have classes suitable for everyone. Our All-Star Fundamentals Rec levels 1, 2, and 3 cater to athletes at different skill levels.

Girls at a Gym

Home School

Ages 5 - 15

Our one hour Home School program is meant to develop the tremendous amount of strength, agility, poise, and grace that are necessary for your child to advance and thrive in the sport of gymnastics. Home School classes are open to both boys and girls that are home-schooled and have more flexibility in their schedule.



Breakdancing is no passing trend; making its debut at the Olympics in 2024, this sport is here to stay! Join us for an energetic, acrobatic, and stylized dancing experience. Your student will learn to transform the music they hear into all the funky moves breakdancing is known for.


The cost of tuition for each recreational class (except Summer Camp) is the tuition amount on a monthly basis. Summer Camp classes are one (1) week in length and the cost of tuition is for one (1) week.

An annual membership fee of $60.00 per student is due at the time of registration and each year after in the month of your registration if the student is still enrolled.

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